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A&A offers a comprehensive list of Maximo training courses suited to specific roles such as implementers, system administrators, planners and schedulers, and maintenance managers. Our offerings are available to you at our office in Huntsville, Alabama or we can come to you.


Maximo Training

Davidson Center for Space Exploration


Both public courses as well as courses customized to your businesses’ needs are available. Our public courses run from 9am to 4pm each day with a one-hour lunch break. For our custom courses, we’ll hold in-depth conversations with you to fully understand your training needs. We encourage you to provide examples from your day to day work to incorporate in to a custom course.


How is our training different?


  1. We commit to providing follow-up support answering questions that arise in a participant’s work environment.
  2. We remain in touch with participants after the completion of a course to encourage continued growth.
  3. Follow-on coaching sessions are offered to reinforce training principles. This follow-up is critical to obtain mastery of the subject matter.

Knowledge transfer and application of principles learned is the key. Our goal is for real world applicability of learning principles that make a real difference on the job.


Course Offerings


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Additional courses available by request.


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