Systems Engineering and Design

engineeringWith decades of experience, A&A provides Systems Engineering and Design & Integration (SEDI) services that combine the “science and art” of SEDI to ensure that complex systems are developed and fielded on time, within budget, and to meet or exceed performance expectations. We apply our unique methodologies developed specifically for SEDI to help defense, intelligence and civil agencies build and integrate some of the world’s most sophisticated information technology, communications, and mission systems.


In an increasingly constrained fiscal environment, the sustainment of large-scale systems is a critical part of a lengthened system lifecycle. Extending the service life and capabilities of existing system is the de facto strategy for fulfilling mission requirements, a need that must be considered from the earliest stages of design through the latest phases of logistics and eventual obsolescence. At the heart of this challenge, our clients are constantly looking to improve readiness, maintain and expand capabilities, and meet evolving system performance needs with the tools and resources.


A&A applies a holistic and tailored vision to incorporate sustainment across the engineering and system lifecycle, applying our expertise to lifecycle extension of platforms and payload, retrofitting, and modernization, and logistics and deployment support for large-scale systems and platforms.


Quality Assurance and Control

An effective IT strategy should enable IT to operate like a business rather than a cost center. We work to understand your overarching business strategy at a deep level, going far beyond the C-Suite to uncover insights. We create solutions that are sharply focused while taking the full operating model into account, from people and intellectual capital to technology and processes. And when it comes time to put technology to work, we bring a demonstrated depth of knowledge to solution design, selection and implementation.


A strategy and a platform for implementing and managing cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-core integration have moved from a leading practice to a competitive necessity. Our cloud advisory, implementation, and hosting services can help you rapidly and cost-effectively deploy a cloud-based platform–whether on-premises, off-premises, or a hybrid model–to align with your unique industry requirements, strategic business goals, and existing operations. We can also provide integrated service management functions with tightly aligned organizational and governance structures to improve service performance and gain access to new business services.


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