Business Case and Advisory

strategyA&A provides targeted strategic and tactical assessment services to evaluate key enterprise initiatives and provide actionable recommendations to achieve desired objectives. We support our Clients in the development and delivery of comprehensive road maps and business cases to capture the strategic Business Drivers for initiating a project. A structured approach is utilized to document and evaluate the project’s purpose and objectives/benefits, the solution options and associated costs and the identification of gaps and risks. A&A uses our tools and techniques to develop a clear picture of our client’s key stakeholders, both internal and external, and then develops a Stakeholder Management Plan tailored to the specific stakeholders and their impact to the program. Throughout key points in the project lifecycle, the specific needs of the individual stakeholders are managed through various means, including communications and training.


Operations Assessment & Training

A&A works with our Clients to develop a plan specifying how your organization should approach organization, process, and systems challenges and effectively allocate resources. The resulting Organization and Operations Strategy is driven by the overall business strategy of the organization, and is designed to maximize effectiveness; identify and capture benefits, while minimizing cost of execution. A&A’s experience working with different Clientele across Industries and Service Delivery areas provides us the ability uncommon among small businesses, to maintain a larger perspective to apply and adapt to the forces affecting their organization


To manage sustainable change, A&A helps you create the strategy for communications, starting with a clear vision of the project and associated messaging. The communication plan will address the various audiences along with their information needs and appropriate media and timing, aligned with project milestones. After implementation and in general, A&A helps ensure that your organization is fully prepared for the change through various tools including user needs assessment, training development and execution. This is a natural part of our Systems Integration service areas but can also be specialized to key policy, process and systems training areas required for the effectiveness of your employees and internal and external customers. A&A can also support your organization in the knowledge management process associated with the effects of mergers and acquisitions, establishment of new shared services and BPO organizations and corporate relocations.


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